Beyond the Horizon Minecraft Server Network [ ROLEPLAY / SURVIVAL / CREATIVE ]

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Who are we?

Beyond The Horizon came about a few years ago as a project to create a fully dynamic and player-controlled role-play environment. Our previous experience with role-play worlds in Minecraft were either dominated by RPG-elements or by extremely slow-paced, almost text-based, role-play. Our idea was to create a hybrid of sorts, a world that adapted depending on the players’ actions and decisions. A world where everything has consequences. A world that allows for both the slow-paced and the action-demanding player to enjoy.

Today, that dream still exists. The project to create this world of role-play has undergone many changes during the years but the goal remains the same. However, the world of Beyond The Horizon has expanded to become a whole network, think of it like being a tree where the role-play project is simply just one of many branches.

Why a network?

As Beyond The Horizon was physically stored on a private server, the server rack standing in one of our administrators living room, we came to realize that we had not enough hardware for our needs. We realized that we wanted more than one single server could provide us with.

That’s when we got the idea to expand into a network. We now offer space on the server for projects us administrators personally believe in and approve of. We take care of all the technical aspects, customizing the settings for the needs of each project whenever and wherever possible. In exchange we don’t require any monthly subscription or any other payment plan like that. That being said, we are running the network on our spare time and we do need capital to keep it up and functioning. Therefore, we consider any donations or such generated revenue from a project money to be used on the network as a whole.

What is BTH?

Beyond the Horizon is a brand new Minecraft server network. The team behind BTH are some people from all over the world doing these things in their private time. We are all Minecraft addicts and playing for several years now.

We are running a Bungee Network enabling us to connect several different servers with different settings, rules, plugins, etc. to our main Hub.

Players are free to choose whether they want to be a Blacksmith or a Trader maybe a Miner on the Role Play server or just hunt some Zombies today on the Survival Server. Tomorrow you maybe want to go to the Metropolis cinema or be the most creative of all players on your own private plot.

All worlds are currently more or less under development at the moment as we don’t have a huge team and we really want to deliver content beyond the highest expectations.

Just….Beyond the Horizon! 😉

Everyone is welcome to apply for our server and join us.

If you decide to join you need to apply for membership in the forum. Our staff members will decide on every single user. We also really want to keep the level of our community on a high level. Everyone is invited to take a free tour and join our HUB. Our members will be happy to help and give you a tour. It’s up to you to decide wether to play survival and talk to each other or apply for a builder rank and help us continue to build one of the gorgeous BTH worlds….

To learn more about our network and all our servers check the Network Overview topic in the menu. Every server and it’s worlds are explained there. But we only give an overview….because…it’s most of the fun to explore by yourself what lies Beyond the Horizon!

We are happy to see you here and hope you like what you see.

Your BTH-Network Team!

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